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Luxi Mining: Jianqiang's "Six Systems" comprehensively improves safety governance efficiency

  Xu Hu Yang Yilong    Release Date: April 25, 2024

Security is the foundation of the enterprise、source of benefits。Luxi Mining always puts the first place in all jobs,Deployment of activities in accordance with Shandong Energy "Security Basic Enhancement Year" activity,Jianqiang responsibility implementation、2024 European Cup Live 2024 European Cup Live BettingBettingRisk prevention and control、Ahead of governance、Regulatory implementation、Strong base solid book、Ecological and Environmental Protection "Six Systems",Consolidate the basic skills of the grassroots level,Comprehensive improvement of safety governance efficiency。

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​​(anatomical examination removal)

In the first quarter,Luxi Mining implements the responsibility implementation system around the responsibility of "grabbing big and small",Grasp the grassroots、Strong foundation、Safe security,Counter a solid anatomical inspection and comprehensive evaluation of security technology,Formed 17 bag guarantee groups to go to the front line of the mine to carry out the suspension of the inspection and the rectification of the problem, "look back",90 coal warehouses in the underground、The ground 182 is conducting a large -scale inspection and rectification in the European Cup football resultsEuro 2024 qualifying resultsmineral warehouse,Implementing a network inspection for 18 construction projects,、Fine check、Strict check,True change、Reform、The actual effectiveness of the establishment reform,Guarantee ore stable and orderly production。

"We formulate‘ eight major actions、Four remediations、37 tasks' is the main content of the three -year action plan and 38 work plans for the year,Clear liability and deadline,Startup of the Turbish Corporation。"Introduction of the company's security director Zheng Xuejun。

Enter the second quarter,Luxi Mining Continue to enhance the efficiency of security control control,Pressing and pressing the main responsibility of real safety production,Investigate and rectify the source of risk hidden dangers,Constantly improving the "want to complex and simple" risk prevention and control system,Three -year action to implement 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancethe cure,Carry 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceout a medical examination for coal mine safety production diagnosis,11 major items、115 small item content for anatomical examination,Passing、Open the door、58 special areas such as overlapping layers for key management and control,Use hard measures、"Iron wrist" grasping safe production,Improve the level of safety management and control。

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(Strengthening the foundation of support support)

Ben the problem of hidden dangers,Take out specific measures。In the face of serious disasters、Complex conditions、Points of multi -faces and other practical problems,Luxi Mining adheres to the advancement system of "running a mine" ahead of time,"One Mine and One Strategy" formulate safety control measures,Strengthen high -precision monitoring and accurate analysis response,Implement differentiated support,Resolutely eliminate the impact on the ground pressure Betting on Euro 2024accident European Cup football resultsand energy over -limit incident。

A clear understanding of "safety complexity" forever,The company has grasped major disaster treatment and does not relax,Clarifying the treatment of faults and effective support,Governance and reinforcement "Five Districts"、More than 5,800 meters of lane lanes,7 replenishment projects for schedule、6 Mine concealed disaster factor census governance evaluation,Ensure the safety of water and control。At the same time,Optimize the implementation system for supervision and implementation of "seeking truth for truth and truth",Establish 16 "long pressure short draws" demonstration digging work surface,Strictly grasp the "Double Ten" management,Ahead of comprehensive planning and fire fighting work,Strictly implement the "High Position + Corner" joint pumping gas,Make sure "Zero Fire"、Gas "Zero Excellence"。

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(Skills Betting on Euro 2024competition promotes improvement)

Consolidate the foundation of the grassroots,It is a realistic need for high -quality development of enterprises,Luxi Mining Multi -measures and enhance the "Three Base Construction" strong base and solid -based system,Tree "Precision Training、Happy Learning "concept,Do "combination of war training、Promote learning with exams、Promote learning with exams、True Test Test ",45 types of work in the whole year、More than 17,000 training,Complete 86 job standards and post "understanding card" preparation,Construction of the "16+N" district team construction management system,Continuously enhance the ability of safe self -protection and self -protection。

The ecological and environmental protection system is to realize the "carbon reduction、Discovering、Expansion、Growth "important starting point,Luxi mining science European Cup football resultsimplementation 2024 European Cup Live Bettinga new round of ecological and environmental protection three -year action plan,Focus on improving environmental protection governance capabilities,Promote the mine to go to the new and go、Change to green、Enter Xiang Zhi,A prosperous modern enterprise is walking forward。

Now,"Six Systems" construction is becoming more and more perfect,It has become a new engine for high -quality development of enterprises。"Persist in the whole process of governing the development and security of overall planning and security,Safety production must not be relaxed and not relaxed,YitaThe motivation for the development of the main business of the main business,To create a strong demonstration -type mining company,Playing down to the world for the establishment of the world ‘first -class enterprise’ for Shandong Energy Create、Contribution。"The Secretary of the Party Committee 2024 European Cup Live Bettingof the Luxi Mining Betting on Euro 2024Industry、Chairman Li Weiqing said。

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