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Liangjia Coal Mine: Anchor the second quarter of "double half" fought

Author: Li Jitao  Release Date: April 24, 2024

Enter April,Luxi Mining Liangjia Coal Mine anchor the "Double Half Half" task target,Investment in various tasks with a stressful attitude。

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Safety control control bottom line

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Recent,Employees of Liangjia Coal Mine Organization "inventory",Each employee writes a case of "dangerous lens" that he has experienced in the past,The employee will be talked about by the employee at the meeting before the class,Let other employees talk,Then managers combine the "Regulations on the Safety Production of Coal Mine" and "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" for evaluation。

This method has changed the previous management personnel emphasizing security,Passive listening to the employee's platform,Telling、Discussion and review interactive process,Effective enhanced the pertinence and persuasiveness of warning education,Make everyone impressed,I got a good learning effect。"Danger Speed ​​Warning Education" is the actual situation of Liangjia Coal Mine.,Innovative measures in the "security education" method and method,Not only improved employees' safety awareness、enriched the experience of preventing accidents,The ability to standardize and analyze the risks。

In the second quarter,The mine continues to consolidate the basic management of the grassroots level,Reinforcement system mechanism protection,Increased safety management effect。In accordance with the requirements of the "Three -year Action Plan for Safety Production Treatment",Gathering implementation of "Eight Actions" and "Seven Rectification",Established 45 Tackling Projects,All quantitative decomposition,Develop a task list,Tighten the liability chain,Concentrated Betting on Euro 2024scheduling 2024 European Cup Live Bettingand notification,Tracking special assessment。Focus on fire -extinguishing fire、top board management、Water damage prevention、Points of safety control and control such as electromechanical transportation,Focus on solving live problems,Make up for shortcomings,Improve the safety factor,Persist in the bottom line of safety。

Unit bracket to repair the old recovery

Ji Zhili Waste  cost reduction and efficiency

The lens turned to the Liangjia Coal Mine Machine Repair Plant。Employees will allocate 110 old unit brackets from the brothers' mine to the mine to repairs new,Used for installation of coal mining working surface 6106 under the well。Remove rust from disassembling、Replace the seal、Maintenance valve group and high -pressure tube parts,In assembly and transportation,Organic process、Precise standard。

"We continue to deepen 'two increases, three declines and four improvements' activity,Vigorously carry out ‘four enhancements、Four Promotion 'Situation Taste Education,Guide cadres and workers to recognize the situation further,Tree firmly struggle、Open source throttling consciousness,Effectively Euro 2024 qualifying resultsBetting on Euro 2024concentrate the thoughts and actions into ‘second quarter of decisive battle,Come on the target of double half '。We are in saving expenses、Principles of compression costs,Increase the new strength of the old repairs,Concentrated strength to overcome technical problems,Go all out to step up the maintenance unit bracket,To ensure the need to install the underground work face。"Chen Weilong, deputy director of the Machine Repair Factory。

Shandong energy reduction cost reduction and efficiency and efficiency except for the rigidity of the rigidity and deficit and the Luxi mining meeting in the second quarter of the safety office meeting。Liangjia Coal Mine quickly acts,Anchor target,Clear task,Gathering Power、Gathering Power,Careful implementation of the spirit of the meeting。They adhere to the "standard operation、High -efficiency operation、High -quality operation "management concept,Reinforcement cost reduction and efficiency,Make sure the quality of operations continuously improves。Powerful advancement of stability、Gift quality、Excited Gong、Cost -down、Powering Market、Grab the key、Strict assessment、European Cup football resultsEuropean Cup football resultsRe -execution of "Eight Tackling",To achieve "you can earn not waste、Compliance according to law ",Through enhanced controlling cost management,Strengthen the budget prefix barrier、Process control、Afterwards supervision,Vigorous compression controlled cost expenses,Multiple measures to reduce costs。

At the same time,They also establish "security、output、Entry、profit、Cost、Party Building "6 key indicators" Full of Lean Performance Evaluation Management System ",Really achieve quality from management、Effective、To develop。Strengthen asset management,Strictly implement "Xianliku、Reconstruction、Requirements for Purchasing "Requirements,Use ground materials supermarket,Realize the reasonable allocation of materials and resource sharing,Eliminate "Personnel、Material、Time、Space "and other waste。Continue to promote waste materials treatment,Active idle assets,Treatment of stock assets,Reduce material procurement costs。

Concentrated control of coal mining work surface

Regular order  Production compact

"The time for the employees of the middle 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceclass in the district Betting on Euro 2024to enter the well is not matched with the current departure time of the unified arrangement of the mine,Waiting for 15 minutes in the waiting room,There is a waste of time in this link。"at the Coordination of the Production Organization,Comprehensive excavation district head Wang Shichang report。The mine is held on time every day at 4 pm every day,It mainly solves various problems restricting production。

​​Intelligent working surface mining of oil shale

The ore focuses on the efficiency of precision production,Tune Optimization Field Layout、Strengthen equipment use、Strengthening production organizations,Steady response to the change of the field,Promote the continuous improvement of production quality and efficiency。Strengthen working surface installation、Early acquisition、End,、Remove four stages of management,Carefully formulate a construction plan,Realize "Moving Moving Non -reduced production、Mine output without fluctuations "target。Pay close attention to digging efficiency,Consolidate the "Enter the initiative、Active active "" Earlier is a service service "concept,2024 European Cup Live BettingPrepare according to the Betting on Euro 2024foundation、Effective and effective、Consolidation and improvement thinking,Carry out a single -to -improvement of benchmarking activities。

In addition,They are determined through a special class、Optimization Team、Follow -up realistic、steps such as step -level rewards,Establish an efficient production organization model。Deep filling and mining,Add filling output,Constantly adjust the opening efficiency、Equipment support、support system, etc.,Optimize the transportation system,Strictly implement the ruler、output "dual assessment",Promoting the enthusiasm of excavation with positive incentive、Active、Creativity。Grasp coal quality control,Enhance "coal quality is the rice bowl" consciousness,Reinforcement from the source of production, removing miscellaneous removal,Specifies using iron removal,Strengthen the sort、Continent、Coordinated coordination of distribution,The comprehensive implementation process stares at、Video spot check、Random measures and other measures,Strictly prevent debris entering the coal flow system,Make 2024 European Cup Live Bettingsure that the coal quality is strong。

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