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Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine: Innovate with innovation to increase efficiency with wisdom

Author: Yue Meng  Cao Yuan    Release Date: April 23, 2024

"A small transformation reduces the labor intensity of employees,Improving the efficiency,Make the cost on the mine,Our efforts are worthy of。"Recent,"Big Power Craftsman" Euro 2024 qualifying results2024 European Cup Live BettingGuo Jinling is full of pride when talking about the design and application of the "disc branchers of the disc brashered lukettecked sealing part of the disc"。This is this seemingly inconspicuous small transformation,Let the mines be improved to the machine plate -shaped lukettecked hardcover sealing parts and no longer subject to other conditions,The scope of applicable maintenance personnel is also wider,Save a lot of installation time,3 sets of scrap can be reduced every year,Save material funds of 12,000 yuan。

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Innovation starts from a young age、Start from small things。Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees' innovation and effectiveness、Activity and creativity,Focus on cracking the bottleneck problem of safe production,Facing difficulties、Go 2024 European Cup Live BettingEuro 2024 qualifying resultsto the question,The next batch of "hard bones"、Take a batch of "hard tasks",Let the steady stream of technological innovation achieve the "booster" of safe production。

Mining multi -measures,Encourage technical backbone、front -line employees combined with the actual production operations,Common items from production equipment、Easy to start,Use technical improvement methods such as self -processing,Promoting production、Improve benefits。

When the mine production service center repair welding single pillars and pipeline steel rings,Need to rotate the roadside welding,Not only time -consuming and laborious,There are also welding errors,It is also easy to hurt the eyes,There are unsafe factors。The highly skilled talent of the party member maker space fusion unit of the Euro 2024 qualifying resultsBetting on Euro 2024center of the center、Technical personnel co -assault,Develop a set of "round tube rotation welding auxiliary device",Its main application is when welding the main body of the round tube,According to the diameter and length size of the round tube,Adjust 2 groups of activity rolling distance and two groups of rolling components to complete the welding of the circular tube。This device has been widely used in the circular tube welding process in January this year,The auxiliary device is fixed and precise,Flexible welding operation,High welding quality,Eliminate arc damage,greatly reduced the labor intensity of employees,Increased efficiency of more than 5 times,Save at least 20 individual workers per month,It can save more than 4,000 yuan in labor costs,It is well received by employees European Cup football European Cup football resultsresultsin the majority of positions。

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Six Cai District, Six Cai District, Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine、In the process of excavating the construction of the upper coal warehouse and other places,The visual chemistry inspection device developed by the Tigeri Rujing Ruby Start in the Second District is invested in the actual application,and achieve good results。This project uses underground explosion -proof smartphones to achieve coal bay inspection tasks,Checking depth reached 50 meters,Inspectors may see the situation inside the coal bank if they do not need to enter the coal position,greatly reduced security risks,Improved work efficiency,Just rely on one explosion -proof mobile phone、A simple equipment such as an external camera,You can replace the work task of 20 people using the traditional coal compartment Euro 2024 qualifying results2024 European Cup Live Euro 2024 qualifying resultsBettinginspection method。One by one "small" project,It provides strong technology support for reducing hidden safety hazards,greatly improved the safety index of production work。

How much expectations are the enthusiasm for employees for employees,How much energy can employees generate when giving back to the mine。This mine forms ideological consensus- "The foundation of innovation and development is at the grassroots level,Highlights at the grassroots level,The potential is at the grassroots level。Deepen the small reform leather、Innovative and effective practice activities,is the most effective promoter to speed up the high -quality development of the mine。"" Under the call of this concept,Employees use the mine as their own home to "carefully calculate",Efforts to plan every "Golden ingot" Euro 2024 qualifying results2024 European Cup Live 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceBettingthat reduces cost and increase efficiency。

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The results of innovation bloom everywhere,Employees' creative fruit fruits。Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine grasps detailed innovation and creation effect、Small Reform and "Gold Consumer" solicitation,For the effect of solving bottlenecks、Reasonable suggestions for the reasonable and practical benefits of gaining good results and actual benefits,Continuous development of mentors and apprentices,Small change of small leather、Skills training、Technical competition activity,Create a first -class innovative talent gathering environment,The process of promoting the innovation of mass innovation accelerates。

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