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New Materials Company Shandong Boli Fiber: Struggle "Golden Season"

  Shiqiao    Release Date: April 23, 2024

Hybolic hair,It is expected for Chunshan。Work end in the first quarter,Pick up the "Relay Bar" in the second quarter,How to play the style on the runway?

"Happiness is struggling,Dignity is practical。In the second quarter, it will be opened and down,is the key season for the decisive annual target task。The goal should be based on the victory of the whole year,Based on long -term、Do the present、Dry it,With more firm and forward confidence, rational and pragmatic 2024 European Cup Live Betting2024 European Cup Betting Entranceaction,Lile a solid foundation for the completion of the annual goals。"New Materials Company Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Boli Fiber、Chairman Zhang Shanjun said。

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The second quarter is the golden period of project construction。In the new material company Shandong Bolf Fiber 170,000 tons of ECER glass fiber production line digital upgrade technical reform project,excavator、Sprinkle Wheel、Tower cranes and other types of construction equipment are busy running,A hotness at the construction site。

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(project construction site)

Shandong Bolf Fiber strengthened regular circulation with a stable rhythm,Grasp the trend of industrial development,Increase innovative research and development intensity,Promote industrial transformation and upgrade,Optimized process process,Enhance the core competitiveness,Through the chain、Strong Chain、Long -term stable development of extension。

"170,000 tons of Ecer glass fiber production line digital upgrade technical Betting on Euro 2024reform project adopts international 2024 European Cup Live Bettingadvanced technology and equipment,After the project is completed,It will greatly improve production efficiency and product quality。"Introduction to Li Jinbao, deputy general manager of Shandong Boli Fiber。The upgraded production line can achieve intelligent ingredients、Smart Transport、Smart Warehousing。Products can be widely used in aerospace、Transportation、Wind power generation and other fields,strongly promoting the adjustment of the product structure of Shandong glass fiber product and the optimization of industrial layout。

They take the optimized product structure as the core,Introduction of advanced production equipment and technology,Technical reform and upgrading of the production line,Through intelligent production,Effectively reduce production cost,Improve production efficiency,Develop "add brick and tile" for the enterprise。

Next,Shandong's glass fiber will continue to promote industrial structure adjustment,Cultivate new 2024 European Cup Live Betting2024 European Cup Betting Entranceeconomic growth points,Accelerate the transformation and upgrade,lay a solid foundation for the realization of 2024 European Cup Live Bettinghigh -quality development。

Focus on current safety management

Project Construction as in the middle of the day,But if you ignore safety,All this will collapse instantly,Shandong Bolf Fiber has no relaxation。They continue to strengthen the supervision and management of the construction site,Establish a perfect emergency plan,Pay attention to preventing accidents,Make normalized investigation of hidden safety hazards,Make sure the project can run safely and stable at all stages。

In addition,"Five Questions and Five Reflection" warning education activities、Safe oath of safety after class、Emergency exercise is normalized、Safety telling、Making a safe production promotional column ... Shandong glass fiber multi -point force、Multiple measures and singing "main theme"。

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(Carrying out emergency drills)

Always insist on putting safety work in "Priority to Development、Priority to production、European Cup football resultsPosition of benefits ",Shandong Boli Fiber carefully implements the decision -making deployment of the superiors at the higher level,Continue Betting on Euro 2024to carry out in -depth "culinary tackling,Ping An Bob Fiber "" Green Life Safety "," Group Supervision Safety Whistle "and other activities,Keep an eye on key areas、Important places、Key parts,Actively build the "big security" pattern of the masses,Ensure that safety management achieves real effect。

Shandong Bolf Fiber always adheres to safety "higher than everything、Heavier than everything、First of all、Determine everything ",Focus on the current safety production management,Go all out to keep the safe bottom line,Ensure that the production safety of the factory area is stable and far away。

Practical advancement cost reduction

Facing the severe market,Not only must you find opportunities outside,More blades to fight "inner" to reduce cost 2024 European Cup Live Bettingreduction and efficiency and active battle。

"In the first quarter, our team's small reform has saved 8921 yuan,Everyone 2024 European Cup Live Bettingwill continue,firmly establishing the idea of ​​‘saving one yuan than earning one yuan’ is easy。"This is a scene of the first -line brushes of Shandong Bolf Fiber 2024 European Cup Live BettingClass A Morning Meeting。

Come in the first quarter,Shandong Bolf Fiber carefully implemented the "two increases, three declines and four improvements" activity requirements,Anchor annual target task,"Small Reform and Small Revolution" with "long -term shortage", "rough change" and "dismantling" continuously strengthen cost control,Compressed expenses,Drop the cost one bit,One point and one point of benefit。

Euro 2024 qualifying results

(Discussion on the collection of collections)

"We carry out‘ Low -cost Recommendation ”、‘Save one yuan’ activities,Further enhanced employees' careful calculations、Saturday branch reduction、Cost -2024 European Cup Live Bettingreduction and efficiency and increase efficiency,Stimulate employees to innovate and create creative enthusiasm。"Liu Yan, manager of the management department, said。

They target the annual target task,Carry out various types of cost 2024 European Cup Live Bettingreduction and efficiency increase activities,Implementing integrated management and control mechanism,Focusing on the "Lean Change" of value creation,2024 European Cup Live BettingIncrease benefits with lean、Steady growth,Empowerment in the cost reduction and efficiency。

At the same time,They start with the construction of the system and mechanism,Strict "advance budget、Control in things、Summary of After -the -after -to -Launles "comprehensive budget management。According to comprehensive aspects、Full process、The supervision mode of all -weather,Resolutely compact responsibilities at all levels,Continuous internal management,Strictly control various non -productive expenditures,Guarantee production operation specifications。

Sun and Moon refuse to be late,Four o'clock phase urged。Shandong's glass fiber is at higher standards、Strict requirements、More practical moves,Forces "Golden Season",firmly strengthen the industry、Outstanding benefits、Round the brand。

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