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logo logo and interpretation

Author:    Release Date: May 09, 2022  Source: Shandong Energy Group



1.  This logo is formed by two positive circles,intersection cycle、Flating and penetrating,Form an unlimited symbol "∞",Symbol of the original Yankuang Group、The two companies of the original Shanneng Group are reorganized and integrated,Create an infinitely beautiful future together;

2. Two positive circles take 117 ° arc to overlap, 117 ° is the longitude of Jinan Geography Center,Symbol Enterprise Based on Shandong、Facing global; part of the overlapping part of the two positive circles has evolved into a "S" shape, That is the first letter of the company's name of Shaandong Energy,Form a strong correlation with the name of the enterprise;

3. Evolution the two arcs up and down "S",It is evolved into a lightning symbol,Following the attributes of the energy industry,It also increases the connection and interoperability of the two positive circles,The meaning of the two companies is fully integrated; at the same time,It can also be extended and expanded as new and old energy、New and old kinetic energy、domestic and international、Double -wheel drive、Double -wheel drive、Inheritance integration of new and old industries、Inheritance Development, etc.。

4. The graphic as a whole is composed of large -circles such as two parts,Therefore, it has stronger stability,symbolize the steady development of the enterprise,and Shandong Energy Group, as an important member of the energy system in China and the world,Driven the important mission of stable energy supply; the "S" in the middle is very dynamic,symbolize corporate innovation development、Face for the future,On the basis of not affecting the visual stable overall experience,Increases vitality and dynamics;

5. The graphic uses three colors: orange -red、Blue、Green,meaning infinite energy、State -owned Mission (Sunshine Orange Red); Innovation Development、Science and Technology Leader、Global Vision (Deep Sea Blue); Green Energy、Sustainable development (natural green),And the color system is taken from the symbol color system of the original Yankuang Group and the original Shandong Energy Group。